About Me

Hello! I am a PhD candidate in the Computer & Information Science & Engineering at the University of Florida. I am interested in exploring ways to make Machine Learning trustworthy, fair, and safe. I have explored explainability and fairness aspects of Machine Learning to make it fair in different areas such as justice and computer vision. I hope to continue exploring this area in future.

I majored in Computer Science from Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) and graduated with a minor in Mathematics in 2014. At AUT, I worked on research projects about use of reinforcement learning in mobile networking. In my free time, I enjoy reading biographies, cross stich and ride my bike.

My Skills

I have diverse background in domains such as Machine Learning/AI, Human Computer Interaction, and Software Development

Machine Learning

Deep Learning Framework: Tensorflow/Keras (using frequently), PyTorch (using if needed)

Other: python, NLP, Computer vision, reinforcement learning

Human Computer Interaction

Technologies: Dialog fow,Affinity Diagrams, Balsamique, Invision, prototyping, wireframe,task flow

Skills: Qualitative analysis, Quantitative analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Survey Design

Software Engineering

Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, ReactJs, NodeJS, Javascript, jQuery.

Other: Java, Agile methodologies, Heroku, Vercel, Object-Oriented Design


I have diverse work experience in academics, non-profit organizations and Tech startups related to Machine Learning/AI.

  • PhD Computer Vision Intern
    Walmart Labs - 1 January, 2022- 15 May,2022

    Built strong communication with other data scientists for better assessment of techniques in the ML pipeline by leveraging strong knowledge of ML reporting and fairness paradigm

  • Deep Learning Intern
    Geopipe - 17 May, 2021- 6 August,2021

    Built object detection models for different type of objects in the city environment for 3D modeling of images. Formulated styleGAN method to generate realistic pictures of different type of trees to establish 3D models of jungles or state parks using national data points.

  • Tech Policy Fellow
    Electronic Privacy Information Center - 26 May, 2020- 31 July, 2020

    - Developed an open-source Risk Assessment Simulator based on information gathered through multiple FOIA requests. This simulator has been developed using react.js and JavaScript.

    - Evaluated the current differential privacy effort happening at U.S. Census Bureau and bolded the current problems.

    - Investigated the current development of content tracing app and their consequences for Public privacy.

  • Graduate Research Assistant
    Human Experience Research Lab - December, 2017-now

    Manage and execute multiple projects related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithmic fairness, and human computer interaction. Collaborate with researchers from different disciplines, including epidemiology, consumer sciences, and philosophy to provide in-depth technical information for software development process.

  • ML research assistant
    Department of Health Outcomes & Bioinformatics - Aug 2015-November 2016

    - Analyzed time series data to find the existing trend of using Stimuli drug in Schools.

    - Designed the research agenda and most efficient ways to visualize the data using Tableau.

    - Predicting the readmission rate for patients who over utilize the insurance. Using unstructured four-year ER visits data, I was able to improve the accuracy by %10.


  • All
  • Machine Learning
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Other

Ethical and fairness study of Predictive Policing

NeighborHood Rides

Fairness-Aware Methodology in Juvenile Recidivism

Application Quest

Sentiment and Trust in AI

AR Therapy

Mobile Decision Aid (MODA)

Trust and QOS optimization in adhoc networks


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Outstanding International Student Award at UF|2020

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Cornell Summer School on Designing Technology for Social Impact Scholarship|Summer 2021

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Bank of America Travel Award to attend Grace Hopper Celebration|Fall 2020

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Among the three reciepents of Media Democracy Fund fellowship|Summer 2020

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Google travel award for BPDM conference at Howard University|Febraury 2019

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Gartner Graduate Fellowship CISE department at UF|March 2020

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Induction to AEL Top Graduate Student Honor Society | Fall 2019


Deep Learning Specialization | July 2019

Concepts: Neural networks, structure of ML projects, CNN, RNN

Certificate Link
AI for Medicine | June 2020

Concepts: MRI segemntation, transfer learning, cox survival analysis

Certificate Link
Google Data Analytics, Currently taking

Concepts: Data cleaning, problem solving, critical thinking, data ethics, and data visualization